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Inspiration Genesis 1:29 & Dr. Sebi


Ongoing series of informational entries.  

Feel free to leave thoughts or other interest in comments

Holistic Lifestyle

October 25 2021

Living a holistic lifestyle is based on maintaining a balance of the whole body mind , body and spirit (soul) Living with intention, meditation, practicing aromatherapy and its benefits. Fulfillment in your life, living in managed control while loving your self with others in mind but realizing your own self worth with no compromise. Self - control. 

Choose to heal your life, heal your body through natural methods

Mindfulness : focusing on the moment

Your body is your temple ' RESPECT ' it,

Feed your  "TEMPLE "   foods that will nourish and strengthen

Surround your  ( MIND ) mental with POSITIVE energy. Its good to do a constant remake and revaluation of your WHOLE being.  


Benefits of cucumbers

CUCUMBERS healthy choice

Cucumbers are considered a flexible food which can be eaten raw or cooked

good for detoxing

anti - cancer

anti -inflammatory

healthy eyes - good source of vitamin E

great for vegan or raw diet


October 27, 2021

Grounding some say is like being one with nature.  Many use grounding as a wonderful form of therapy for mental, physical, and spiritual renewal.  (ie) walking barefooted allowing your bare feet to make contact with the earth

Grounding, also called earthing, is a therapeutic technique that involves doing activities that “ground” or electrically reconnect you to the earth. This practice relies on earthing science and grounding physics to explain how electrical charges from the earth can have positive effects on your body.